Improve Your Winter Driving Skills Near Manchester

Winter is here and it’s not going anywhere fast! Besides from packing and service your vehicle, our Manchester area recommends you consider investing in a few items that can make a large difference in driving around in snowy conditions. Invest in Good Snow TiresWhether you have 4WD or not, having snow tires can dramatically improve your driving in New Hampshire. They will provide maximum traction in snow, ice, and rain. Stay in the Tracks Cleared by Other VehiclesIf it’s been snowing, stick to the path that the other vehicles have been taking. This section of the road will have the most traction. Put SandBags in Your Truck BedIf you’re driving a RAM, we suggest you throw sandbags or large bags or cat litter in the bed. Position them close to the wheels. The extra weight will help distribute the weight as evenly as possible so your back wheels are not spinning all over the place. Install Tire ChainsIf Mother Nature is throwing enough snow to make conditions extremely slippery, tire chains will be efficient in giving you enough control on the road. Don’t put snow tires on after it snowed! Test them out before a snow storm is coming your way. That way, you know how to put them on properly and have the correct size.Bring the Right GearThere are always essentials every vehicle needs to have during the winter. These are:Ice scraperWinter wiper bladesChild’s ShovelAntifreezeFood, water, and a blanketThese items will keep you and your car warm and happy. If you need any of these items, please visit our Manchester area parts center.Practice Safe DrivingWith all these items, none of them will make you invincible. Practice smart, sensible driving with your vehicle. Always go slow and drive with caution! If you need to be somewhere, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get there. Additionally, if the place you need to go to is not extremely necessary, try to reschedule when the roads are a bit safer to travel on.Contemporary Automotive is your number one location for new vehicles ready for the snow and accessories that will get you through this long season. For more information or to learn about our inventory, please contact us at (603) 673-5511.Schedule Service
Source: Contemporary CDJR Blog

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