Why Won’t My Car Start?

Day in and day out, you count on your car to fire up when you insert your key and give it a turn. When it doesn’t start, it can really throw a wrench into your day. It’s even worse, of course, if you can’t figure out what the problem is. Fortunately, the experts at our Manchester area vehicle service center have the experience and diagnostic tools to get to the bottom of your problem every time.

Of course, sometimes you don’t need advanced equipment to figure out what’s wrong. Our team can offer some insight into helping you figure out what might be wrong, and it all starts with checking for the basics your car needs to start.


Needless to say, your car won’t start without gas. If your vehicle starts to turnover but won’t quite start, it could be that fuel isn’t getting to the cylinders. Start by checking your fuel levels; it might seem silly, but not noticing an empty tank is a frequent cause of a failed start.

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If your fuel level is good, it could still be a problem with the fuel pump or fuel line. If you smell gas, it’s a good indicator that something is amiss. In that case, we have the car parts you need to get everything back in working order here at our Manchester area parts department, and our technicians can handle installation for you, too.

A Spark

Once gas gets to the engine, it needs to ignite properly to get things going. This relies on your battery, alternator, and starter. If you turn the key and nothing happens at all, try jumping the battery; if this leads to a start, chances are your alternator has failed to charge the battery or the battery has just gone dead. In either case, we can check your system to see what the underlying issue is.

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If jumping the battery doesn’t help, it could be your starter. Tapping the starter with a hammer might get things going, if you’re comfortable under the hood and know where to look. This is a temporary fix, though, as it indicates the flywheel of your starter is wearing down. Even if a tap gets you going, the starter should still be replaced as soon as possible.

To learn more about getting your car started, or to schedule maintenance at Contemporary Automotive to help avoid this sort of unexpected issue, be sure to contact our team online or by calling (844) 317-8312 today.

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