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Jeep muffler service near Nashua NH

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As a driver, routine maintenance is a must if you want to keep your car running optimally and for as long as possible. Your vehicle is comprised of many different systems, and it’s integral to pay close attention to each. At our Jeep service center near Nashua, NH, we want to give you more info on how vital the exhaust system of your car is to vehicle health.

A muffler keeps your car quiet, so it’s important to pay attention to your car’s muffler and ensure that it’s working properly.

If you want to get a quick check of the functionality of your exhaust system, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at our Jeep service center near Nashua and Manchester, NH can help! We service all makes and models, but can especially help if you need a muffler replacement for your Jeep Wrangler,  Jeep Liberty, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Cherokee, or any other models!

Reviews from Happy Customers:

“I could take my vehicle to many places closer to home, but I choose to drive the extra miles because of the excellent service here.” – mrh06827, user

“We have been doing business with Contemporary since 2005. We have purchased three vehicles from them, and have had all our vehicles serviced here exclusively for as many years. They have always been open, honest, respectful, professional, and helpful to a fault. Their service department is outstanding, and although we have seen people come and go over time, everyone maintains a consistently high degree of quality.” – mlboy, user

3 Signs You Need a New Muffler:

Loud Noises

The volume of your muffler is an easy warning sign for an issue. When it’s working properly, the muffler should operate quietly. When something is wrong, the muffler will become a roaring monster. The high volume sounds are usually telltale signs that it’s time to have your vehicle’s exhaust system checked out.

Lower MPG

A quality exhaust system will lead to improved fuel efficiency. If you notice that you’re making more trips to the fuel pump than usual, it could mean that your vehicle has a problem. In many of today’s vehicles, fuel economy is especially simple to keep track of thanks to the dash-mounted screens. Check the fuel economy month to month to see if there’s any shift.

Bad Smells

If you have a bad smell emanating from the exhaust, you could have a serious problem. When the muffler is working correctly, is will funnel the exhaust fumes outside and away from the vehicle. If there’s a leak or other problem, those fumes could be stuck inside your car. Quite obviously, this is a dangerous problem, as exhaust fumes can be fatal over time. If you smell anything out of place, we recommend you come in immediately!

For more information about your vehicle’s exhaust or to schedule a service appointment with us, contact our Jeep dealership serving Nashua NH at (844) 317-8312 today! We proudly serve drivers throughout the greater Nashua, NH area, including Manchester, Merrimack, Bedford, and beyond.

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